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We make being and hiring Malaysian locum staff that much simpler. 

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Locum Apps is an application that connects hospitals and clinics in Malaysia to licensed locum medical staff such as locum doctors and locum nurses who temporarily fulfill the duties of another doctor or nurse according to the demand of healthcare facilities within Malaysia. Presently, nurses and doctors are not able to maximize their earning potential because of the need to get an exact availability match between hospitals and clinics with locum staff. Locum Apps aims to connect locum staff and healthcare facilities in a way that is faster, easier and safer. Locum Apps utilizes the technology you have with you, leveraging on your mobile phone. 


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Locum Apps makes medical staff job hunting better and easier by using technology. It is also able to maximise the earning potential of all medical professionals in Malaysia.

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With Locum Apps, nurse managers or human resources staff in healthcare facilities can handle in-house and external teams at their fingertips. 

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Locum Apps can be used anywhere in Malaysia

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 77.8% of medical professionals do locum jobs at least once a week.

Locum Apps enables healthcare institutions to tap into this resource and helps healthcare staff maximise their earning potential. 

 100% of you prefer using mobile apps over websites and we hear you. 

Locum Apps utilizes the technology you have with you to make being and hiring healthcare staff better, leveraging on your mobile phone.

77.8% of medical professionals want feedback from hospitals/clinic they work with.

 With Locum Apps, healthcare staff can market themselves with the ratings they receive and healthcare centres can ensure the staff they hire are experienced.

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