Locum Apps Charity aims to help society by providing medical services to people who are in need such as old folks home, refugees and homeless.

Vulnerable groups are collectives of individuals who are at risk, and/or suffer from economic, legal, political and/or social disadvantages. The most vulnerable usually have low health baseline statistics, meaning they are relatively more prone to poor nutrition, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, alcoholism, and substance abuse. The economic burden of disease is high to these households, particularly in absence of any form of medical insurance. Other reasons often overlooked as to why poor health is so detrimental to a vulnerable household: wages or job lost, cost of going for check-ups, rehabilitation therapy, the opportunity cost of work when a healthy family member is forced to stay home to care for the ill or bedridden, and so on.

Your support will

  • be used to run the year-round programs that support our mission of providing medical services to people in need.

  • be used directly to these missions.

  • help us to make a lasting change throughout Malaysia.

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