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faster, easier, safer

Hire locum staff for your hospital, clinic or any other Ministry of Health registered facility.

We make hiring locum staff that much simpler.

how does locum apps work

Register on the app and indicate which company you represent.

Once accepted, the Locum Apps team will contact you to verify your identity.

Locum Apps team will contact you to obtain a pre-payment to utilise the app.

You can now start booking locum staff! Choose one at a time, or multiple staff at one go – it’s up to you. Indicate where you would like the staff to meet you.

Once your job is posted, our pool of nurses and doctors will start submitting their applications. You can review their resume and choose the staff you prefer!

Before their shift starts, we will remind you of their arrival.

When the shift begins, remind them to start the timer and the work begins.

At the end of the shift, end the timer and rate the staff.

We will settle the payment for you from your pre-payment sum (we’ll take a 15% service fee!) and send you a report at the end of the week. Easy and hassle-free for you.

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