Locum Apps is committed to ensure that you feel safe when you upload your information with us. Alongside the assurance you get thanks to our compliance with our Privacy Policy, you may wish to make certain modifications to the file you upload in order to grant you further peace of mind. Here are some examples which we accept. 


In the above examples, Dr Rowan Atkinson can choose to make edits to the copy of the IC photo he uploads on the application. However, he must ensure that the relevant details are not obstructed and we can see his Name, IC Number, Photo and Address. 

This is also an acceptable way to submit your IC details. 


Submitting your APC details can be a confusing process. What we look for is the entire copy of your APC for our verification. We require visibility of your APC Number, Name, NRIC Number and the details of your Main Place of Practice. 

You may wish to mark it 'For Locum Apps Only' without covering such details. 

We hope the above has been helpful! What are you waiting for?


Contact us: contact@locumapps.com

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