Locum Apps enables locum medical staff to connect with GP clinics, hospitals and healthcare facilities in a way that is faster, easier and safer. 

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Faster, Easier, Safer

Be hired as a locum staff with just ONE registration for multiple jobs. 

We make being locum staff that much simpler. 


how does locum apps work

Register on the app and indicate the service you offer. 

Once accepted, you can switch on and off your availability and start receiving notifications for locum jobs. 

Choose jobs according to the area and timing that you like! You can schedule multiple jobs in advance and view them all on the app. 

When it’s time for your job, we will send you a reminder beforehand. 

Start the timer when you arrive and get to work! 

When the job ends, the hospital or clinic can rate you for your good work. 

 You will receive a report at the end of the week and full payment is made once a week straight to your bank account. 

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