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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How does it work?

To apply for service types, click "My services" and register for the service types you're eligible for. 

2. Once your profile has been approved, you can switch your availability on to start receiving notifications for locum jobs. Likewise, you can switch it off when you’re unavailable. 

Turn on your notifications to start receiving new job alerts.

3. Choose jobs according to the area and timing that you like! You can schedule multiple jobs in advance and view them all on the app. 

4. Once you’ve accepted a job, please note that the job is confirmed for you, and cancellation can lead to blacklisting. 

5. Inform the job manager when you arrive and start work! Do not click arrive before you are at the location of the job. 

6. Once your job ends, the hospital or clinic will end your timer and rate you for your good work 

7. You will be able to see your job log in the app. Your salary payment will be made once a week which goes straight to your bank account. 


1. Which categories can I apply for? 

We encourage you to apply for as many service types as possible! However, please only apply for the service types that you are eligible for.

As these locum jobs are directly hired by hospitals and clinics in Malaysia, you are expected to already be capable of doing the job competently, with minimal to no supervision. Every job in a hospital or clinic requires a valid APC.

2. I only have RON/no APC, what categories can I apply for? 

We also accept staff with experience and without a valid APC for roles as a confinement nurse, home nurse, caregiver and volunteer. View more requirements in the Fare Structure below! 

3.How do I update a new service? 

Please click ≡ on the top left of the app, click "My Services" to apply for a new service type. 

4. Why does it say “Incomplete” on my service type application? 

If your application is marked as incomplete, this may mean that you do not have enough information uploaded or the current information is outdated.. This could mean that you have not; uploaded a copy of your valid APC, not uploaded a clear photo of your identification details (IC) or diploma/degree etc. 

5. Why can't I upload my APC cert? 

If you are encountering technical issues with uploading a file, please try closing and opening the app again, then check your connection. If you are still experiencing issues, please drop us a message at any of our social media pages or contact us via email. 


1. How do I choose or accept a job? 

When your availability is switched on, new jobs will appear in your ‘Find Job’ tab. You can accept a job by clicking the accept button. After clicking accept, it means that the job is confirmed for you. You can see all your job details in the section called ‘My Jobs’. 

2. How can I find new jobs? 

Please click ‘Find Job’. 

3. What does "Arrived" mean? 

Arrived means you have reached the location of the job. So, once you have reached the hospital or clinic, please click “I have arrived” to notify your arrival to everyone. You are then able to contact the person-in-charge through the call button on the app. 

4. What happens after I've accepted a job, does it mean the job is confirmed for me? 

Yes, that’s right! Please make sure to arrive for the job once you’ve clicked ‘Accept’. That means that the job is confirmed by you and you are expected to show up. If for any reason you cannot make it to the job, please inform the clinic and hospital before you cancel. Otherwise, you may be banned from receiving future jobs. 

5. What happens when I cancel my job? 

Cancelling a job has a lot of consequences as it causes the hospital or clinic the need to find another staff urgently. It might give others a bad impression of you and you may be less preferred by the hospital or clinic in the future. Frequent last-minute cancellation without notice will result you in being banned from receiving future jobs for a period of time.

However, we understand that things happen sometimes. Therefore, please try managing your schedule to avoid last minute cancellation and inform the hospital or clinic soonest if you’re unable to show up for your job.

6. What happens when a hospital or clinic cancels on me once I've accepted the job? 

Healthcare facilities are required to cancel no shorter than with 1 hour notice. In the event when a hospital cancels too close to your shift, for the first time ever for an app of this kind, you as a locum staff will be entitled to Cancellation Protection. If you cannot book another job for the same time period, you can receive a nominal cancellation fee for the trouble. 

7. I accidentally clicked "Reject" for a job, how can I accept it again? 

Reject means that you do not want to see or accept the job permanently. So, once you have clicked ‘Reject’, the job will no longer be visible for you. If you do not wish to reject a job, please just click ‘close’ on the upper right hand corner of the page. 


1. Are all the rates for hospitals and clinics the same? 

Yes, our rate reflects the same rates that are applied across all hospitals and clinics. We do this to improve transparency to help you save time from making comparisons and let you enjoy a better and safer experience as a locum staff. 

2. What is the rate?

You will see the rate per hour in each job request. Please ensure that you're happy with the rate before clicking "Accept". 

3. Do I get transport fees?

Unless stated in the description box, there will not be any transport fees. However, the app can help you identify jobs that are close and convenient to you. 

4. How will I be paid?

Please make sure your full name, IC number and bank details are listed accurately on Locum Apps because that’s where we’ll transfer the money to! You'll receive your payment between Thursday to Monday, the week after your job. Refer to the next page on the example. 

Locum Apps schedules your payment weekly. You can expect your payment auto bank-transferred into your bank account between every Friday - Monday night. 

For completed jobs done on a week before, you can expect to receive your payment between the following Friday to Monday night. 

When there’s high volume of jobs (especially during vaccination period), your payment will be scheduled to be released on Friday, the week after your job instead. However, you can still expect your to receive the payment latest by Monday. If in any circumstances that you did not receive anything by Monday, please reach out to us. 

5. I’ve completed a job and I’ve been paid, but RM30 is missing from my account! What happened? 

Firstly, congratulations on completing a job on Locum Apps! We hope you enjoyed your Locum experience with us. As for the RM30, this is the minimum amount required to be in your account to show us that you're an active user.

But this is not a charge to you. You are able to retrieve your RM30 back if you ever choose to de-register your account with us. Just drop us an email and we'll process your RM30 back to you.

6. My job status says "Waiting for Review", does it affect my payment and can I book locum jobs? 

If you job is ‘waiting for review’, it means that the client has not rated you yet. However, your payment is still counted and you can continue to book other jobs. 

7. Why is my credit balance is 0 although I have completed jobs? 

Your credit balance is updated once a week on Monday, after we have received verification from the hospital or clinic about your job. Please be patient with us as we make sure you are paid the correct amount. 


1. My timer doesn't match the hours that I have worked for, what can I do? 

Please click the button – ‘Wrong Timer?’ on your job page. Answer the questions shown in the form for us to resolve this issue for you. 

2. What if the hospital or clinic asks me to come back for a job, but does not book on the app? 

We strongly do not advise this as it is in breach of our Terms of Use.

Furthermore, Locum Apps is not responsible for any payment of any jobs that are not booked from Locum Apps. We encourage all locum staff to request the hospital or clinic to post the job and hire you from Locum Apps. This is to ensure that you will receive protection and a guarantee on your payment.

Plus, you may stand a chance to be our Locum of the Month! You will be gifted with a surprise and have the honour to be a featured on our socials.

3. What if the hospital or clinic offers me a full-time job? 

Full time job offers are completely fine – and is a perk of working as a locum staff at various locations. All the best with your new role! 


1. Which hospitals or clinics are on the app? 

We are trying to reach out to as many hospitals and clinics in Malaysia as we can so you will be able to get comprehensive records of your Locum jobs in one convenient app.

If you know a hospital or clinic that you would like us to reach out to, please drop us an email at

2. How do I apply for full time job? 

Full-time job applications are available on the banners in the app. Just click those banners and our team will assist you with full-time applications. 

3. Locum Club? What is that? 

When you join us on Locum Apps, you are automatically a member of our Locum Club!

When our numbers grow, look forward to group activities, training sessions and even special award nights for those outstanding locum staff on the app.

This is a community you can look forward to growing with and learning from. You will be one of the first to hear about vacancies at our partner hospitals and will get exclusive invitations to industry events that we partner with.

4. Will my rating affect future jobs? 

Your rating is available to assist you to grow and improve yourself in your service. 

5. How do I delete my account? 

We are so sorry to see you go. If you are certain that you wish to be removed from Locum Apps, please drop us an email at with the title “Delete Account” and we will be in touch with you to deactivate your account as well as pay you for the jobs performed, if any.

If you wish to reactivate, you may email us but take note that there is a cooling-off period of at least one month from your reactivation request.


Email us at We aim to reply all emails within 1-3 working days


Unfortunately, our service relies on Google to support many of our features. As such, we are currently unavailable for Huawei phones.

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